We'll Help Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

We'll Help Keep Your Car Running Smoothly

Make an appointment for preventive maintenance work

When was the last time your car got a tuneup? If it's been at least a year, it's time to visit Reliance Automotive. Preventive maintenance isn't always convenient, but it will keep your vehicle on the road longer. We'll work efficiently to identify any issues before turning over the keys.

Our technicians can...

  • Check for leaks.
  • Inspect belts and hoses.
  • Examine your brake pads and rotors.

Call 406-363-2360 now to make an appointment.

What happens if we find maintenance issues?

We'll let you know what we find during your tuneup. Since we're a full-service auto repair shop, we can fix your car right away. Just tell us what issues you'd like to address first.

Think you're being pressured to schedule repair services you don't need? Our auto repair technicians will give you honest advice about your car.

Contact Reliance Automotive today for a second opinion.